RCMDB – Resource centre for Manitobans that are deaf-blind

We exist to promote opportunities for independence, dignity and empowerment for adults in Manitoba who have become Deaf-Blind. We are committed to providing quality services that are consumer driven and responsive.
A black and white photo of two people doing ASL hand over hand. The person on the left is shown from the neck down and has hair showing down to their shoulders. The person on the left has their hands in those of the person on the right. The person on the right can only be seen by the back of their left shoulder and their hands.

RCMDB announces the AGM, June 12, 2024.

Meeting will start at 6pm at 285 Pembina Hwy. Deaf Centre Manitoba, Affleck room.   All are welcome, due to room capacity limitations, people who are Deaf-Blind along with their required supports will be given priority.  Family, friends, volunteers, or people active in the Deaf-Blind community will also be given priority.  Please register in advance by Tuesday, June 4 by emailing the RCMBD board at board@rcmdb.net.  Platform interpreting and note taking will be provided.  Please contact RCMDB staff if you require additional support as soon as possible.

RCMDB call for Nominations 2024

RCMDB is seeking new board members who have a passion for the Deaf-Blind community and want to make a difference in the lives of people who are Deaf-Blind.  Skills in marketing, fundraising and/or legal background would be an asset.  Please send a letter describing why you feel you would be a good fit to bard@rcmdb.net by June 3, 2024.


Our primary purpose is to “promote and provide professional, independent interpreting services of a high caliber, which meet the needs of consumers throughout Manitoba.”
A black and white photo of the side profiles of 2 people using ASL hand over hand. The person on the left has their hands on top of the hands of the person on the right. The person on the left shows the side of their face and upper body the person on the right has only from their nose down showing.

What is deaf-blind?

A condition which combines any degree of hearing loss with any degree of vision loss and interferes with communicating and acquiring information; even though Deaf-Blind persons may still have varying levels of useful vision and hearing.


Nothing about us Without us is a documentary film by totem studios, it was the pilot episode in a series called Our Community that aired on AMI TV on June 29, 2017. It is a beautifully filmed documentary that shows the reality of what it is like living as a Deaf-Blind person, the difficulties involved but also the strength and determination. With the support of the Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind, Deaf-Blind Accessibility Support and Deaf-Blind Accessibility Interpreters Deaf-Blind people are able to live life independently. 

Who We Serve

Adults who are Deaf-Blind due to accident, trauma, disease or condition. RCMDB services may also be extended to family members where the service would benefit the Deaf- Blind individual.


Our services consist of adaptive/ adjustment services that recognize the unique needs of Deaf-Blind people. We are committed to an informed and timely process, the provision of accessible service and the recognition of the individuality and differing needs within our target population.

The First Ever Deaf-Blind Summer Camp

In the heart of the Western prairies, just outside the city of Winnipeg, on the banks of the Assiniboine River, rests historic Camp Manitou. For the first time in its 80-year history, Camp Manitou is playing host to a community of people who are about to experience their very first summer camp.